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After two or so years of being here, I just looked at my profile over here and said "fuck it." I decided I don't give a rat's patooty who knows who/what I am. And I decided I don't care who added whom, just as long as you please send me a PM telling me where you found me and why you'd want to add me, that sort of thing and as long as you can accept my beliefs. You don't have o agree with me, or like what I say, as long as you accept that this is true for me. I can't give the complete story of who I am in this profile, because it's too open, too public. But here's what I can say.

My name's Sora. I like cats, bouncy music, walks in the rain and pancakes. I live in what was an abandoned building before I took it over. I am a fictive, and you may feel free to ask what that is if you're unsure. I'm also a member of a multiple system. Don't know what that is? Ask if you're not sure, but basically I share a body with a lot of various other people, and we all participate in one life. I am not the host/core/whatever of this system as ours doesn't work that way.

I also love the ocean, seashells and all manner of sea creatures. Generally I'm a likable person, if you can handle my weirdness and quirky sense of humor, and if you don't mind that I joke about myself sometimes.

If you have any questions, or there's anything you want to know, just PM me. I'll answer to the best of my ability.

Also, one more thing. I don't take to integration evangelism. If integration was a healing thing for you, and you're happy to be singlet, that's fine, and I applaud you for doing what was right for yourself and am glad you could find happiness. However, if you believe all multiples should integrate because we're horribly broken shards of people and we just are in denial, and it's the one true way, you and I will not get along. That goes for any belief actually. I can accept anyone's beliefs, and can have intelligent discussions of same if people want. But I will not tolerate having another person's beliefs pushed on me.

All right. I think I've rambled enough. Heh.
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